Our Ministries

The Reverend Reuben E. Williams organized the Black History Ministry after recognizing that “It takes more than a month for Black History” and that we should be made aware and reminded (throughout the year) of our history, our achievements, inventions, services and contributions to this country. The Black History Ministry presents information and programs all during the year.

The Church School is an integral part of Christian Education. The goal is to provide opportunities for every member of the church to participate in fulfilling the requirements of the Scripture to become and then “make disciples”. The Church School is in session for all ages each Sunday morning, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. The classes follow a uniformed curriculum so that every age group is studying the same scriptures and learning how to apply them to their lives.

The Diaconate Ministry functions as the Spiritual leaders of the church. Deacons provide practical service to the poor, needy and those suffering within and outside of the church. As subordinate officers of the church they are committed to serve the Lord, the pastor and the disciples. They are following the Pastor’s lead in sharing love, forgiveness, compassion and a life of prayer in their daily living. They support the Pastor in his (God’s) mission, ministry, and purpose and in evangelistic programs of the church.

The Mission of the Diaconate Ministry is to serve the Lord, the people and our pastor. They are always available to serve as God has command. 1Timothy 3:13, Acts 6: 3-4

The Education/Scholarship Ministry’s mission is to assist MBC graduating high school seniors seeking a higher education in an accredited college program or school. Annually, a non-renewable scholarship is awarded to MBC graduating high school seniors.

In addition, it strives to encourage and promote academic achievement for the youth in grades 9-12; offering tutoring to students upon request, workshops to help complete applications for colleges or jobs, and participate with others in college fairs.

One of our main goals is to encourage church-wide donations towards the Messiah Baptist Church Scholarship Fund. Donors are also encouraged to establish a Perpetual Scholarship in their name, or in memory or honor of a loved one. Donations are accepted throughout the year.

The Finance Counting Ministry is responsible for securing; counting and preparing for deposit the tithes and offerings received by the church.

The First Aid Ministry provides temporary care or relief to persons until professional medical help can be obtained.

The Health and Wellness Ministry is concerned about the whole person. This ministry educates the congregation as well as the community on preventive measures for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of a person. Health fairs, seminars, forums, as well as printed materials and brochures are made available during the year.

The Hostess/Host Ministry assists the Pastor in welcoming and receiving visitors at the Sunday morning worship service. Hostesses or Hosts presents a small token of appreciation, a card with a pen attached, to each visitor as a memento of worship and Christian fellowship.

The ministry assists the Pastor and other ministries within the church as well as being active in outreach ministries to the Greater Bridgeport Community.

Scripture Theme: Wherefore, we receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the Glory of God. Romans 15:7, KJV

The Men of the Kingdom Fellowship Ministry’s vision is to be recognized as a strong and committed body of Christian men that provide a safe, secure, supportive, and teaching environment for the personal development of all men with an emphasis towards young men with or without fathers in their lives. Their mission is to encourage young boys to develop, enhance, and gain confidence in their gifts, talents, skills and abilities that lead to positive self-esteem. This ministry also strives to teach young boys to become productive members of society, examples for their peers and positive role models. The men share life experiences, provide guidance and structure that enables young boys to successfully transition to manhood.

The Mass Choir was formed in January 2009 as a merger of the Senior Choir, Ensemble and Gospel Choirs. This united church choir under the direction of Professor Jonathan Q. Berryman, provides a broad range of praise and worship selections that includes hymns, anthems, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, spirituals and global music.

The Men’s Chorus was formed under the leadership of Rev. Reuben E. Williams in 1979. Professor Jonathan Q. Berryman is the Director with Mrs. Frances Baker as accompanist. The Men’s Chorus diligently visits areas of long term care and rehabilitation centers, singing the good news of a risen Savior and bringing cheer to the residents. The Men’s Chorus continues to serve not only as singers of the gospel but as role models for the young men of Messiah.

The Youth Choir disciples are between the ages of six and eighteen. Rehearsals are held on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. under the direction of Sister Etta Yvette Patterson. The choir sings during the 10:45 a.m. Worship Service on the fourth Sunday of each month. They also accompany the Pastor away from home as requested for afternoon Worship Services.

Historically, the choir has ministered to senior citizens in nursing homes. In addition to the use of their singing talents, the choir has the opportunity to fellowship during the year with celebrations, outings and gatherings.

The TOT Choir is for children between the ages of three and six years old. Our mission is to introduce them to the Lord through song and prayer. All tots are welcomed. The choir rehearses on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. They are under the direction of Sister E. Yvette Patterson

“Let the children come unto me and forbid them not for such is the Kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:14

The Music Committee Ministry is a standing committee of the church whose duty is to ensure excellence in the praise and worship arts and to provide support for the Director of Music to carry out this charge. The Music Ministry has not only provided music and dance for worship services; it has also been the presenter of a variety of concerts, from “An Evening with Mr. Fritz Kramer and Miss Edith Mattis” in 1948 to “An Evening of Jazz in the Sanctuary” in 2014. They continue to build upon the foundation laid by the great musicians of this church, most notably, Mrs. Inez M. Holley, Mrs. Martha E. Gonzalez and Mr. Lynn C. McGilvary. They continue to move forward under the visionary leadership of Professor Jonathan Q. Berryman, Minister of Music.

The Praise Dance Ministry was formed in February 2001. This ministry has grown from 10 disciples to more than 50 disciples divided into six sub-groups with five choreographers. The Ministry provides liturgical dance experiences for children, youth, male and female teens and adults. The Praise Dance Ministry has become an integral part of the Messiah Baptist Church worship experience.

The Missionary Ministry has always been a very important ministry in the Baptist Church. The missionaries visit the sick and shut-in at their homes, hospitals or convalescent homes. They help make provisions for the needy in the community whenever they can. The missionaries attend workshops and are actively ministering.

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry was organized solely to provide assistance (spiritually, financially and other) to the Pastor whenever called upon. The Pastor and his family are remembered in a special way at vacation time, during the Holiday Season and on special occasions.

The Big Brothers/Big Sisters In Christ Ministry was established to serve as a liaison between the membership and the church. Their mission is to be servants of the Lord as they remain in contact with new disciples while they develop relationships with the church.

They meet to fellowship, plan, and implement outreach projects throughout the year; which include accepting new disciples as partners, visiting and providing Christmas gifts to residents of area nursing homes, sending cards to the sick and shut-in, and corresponding with visitors.

The Silver Saints Ministry is for Messiah’s men and women, age 60 or older. The purpose of the ministry is to fellowship with each other and to maintain active minds and bodies, while engaging in fun activities and friendly discussions. Birthdays are celebrated on a quarterly basis. They meet on the third Tuesday of each month at noon. Each member is asked to bring a dish to share. Transportation is provided for members who no longer drive. An annual day during worship was initiated by Pastor James B. Logan to celebrate this group of seasoned saints.

For We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works , which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

The Trustee Ministry is responsible for all finances, real estate, compensation, contracts, maintenance and upkeep of the church and its property.

The Visitation Ministry reaches out to our sick, shut-in and seasoned saints and provides a warm caring spiritual helping hand. We visit them in their homes, the hospitals and the convalescent homes. We minister at the Astoria Park Convalescent Home every first and third Friday of each month. We share prayers, hymns, Scriptures, conversations, testimonies and a spiritual listening ear.

The Women’s Ministry is dedicated to empowering the lives of the women within the Messiah Baptist Church and throughout the greater Bridgeport area through continuous spiritual growth and development. With the use of Christian biblically based preaching and teaching, the ministry strives to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood within the church, strengthen familial relationships, partake in outreach activities that minister to those inside and others outside our walls and to bring awareness to both personal health and social justice issues effecting the lives of women. These goals are accomplished by providing bible studies, workshops, seminars, retreats and other appropriate venues that focus on women and issues effecting women.

The Women in Prayer Ministry is composed of women committed to intercessory prayer. Bible Study and service to our fellowman both spiritually and financially in private.

Our Mission is to become mature Christian women as we develop a personal relationship with God; to study the Bible daily and to pray for others. II Timothy 2:15 reads: Study to show thyself approved unto God. A workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

The Bible is our source of authority and we study and pray together every Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. in the chapel. Those members that have moved away stay in touch and we pray across the states, exchanging needs and problems. We believe in reaching out and uplifting those needing prayer. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ concerning you. I Thessalonians 5:17-18

Prayer Request Forms and boxes are located in the narthex and outside the chapel.

The Ushers Ministry is the largest ministry in the church and has the honor of ushering disciples and visitors into the Lord’s house. They reflect an image of the church and their willingness to serve the Lord and the church family. The purpose of the ushers is to welcome the congregation and anyone seeking salvation; receive the offering; joyfully serve God, the church, the Pastor; and spread the Word of the Lord and Savior. Messiah ushers fellowship among themselves and with ushers across the State of Connecticut. They are members of Fairfield County Ushers and have affiliation with the United Church Usher Association of Connecticut, Inc. which is made up of more than 100 churches across the State of Connecticut.
Ushers Motto: “If every usher was like me, what kind of usher ministry would we be?”

The Parents of the Youth and TOT Choirs provides assistance to the choir members and their director by supporting, encouraging and teaching them to praise the Lord in His Holy Temple through song and prayer; and to be not only choir members, but disciples. The parents are responsible for the upkeep of the choirs’ wardrobe as well as accompany the choirs on trips and singing engagements.

The mission of Messiah Baptist Church’s Stewardship Ministry is to serve as a resource to the congregation as we endeavor to serve the Lord by returning to Him the time, talent, and treasure with which He has already blessed us.

The TOT Ministry provides a safe spiritual environment for our children who are not quite ready to sit in OUR main worship service on Sunday mornings. The children have devotion, prayer, arts and crafts, Bible videos and Bible stories in the Memorial Hall. With these tools the children also learn to share and interact with others in a Christian manner.

The Van Ministry is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the church van, the scheduling of its use and providing transportation to parishioners (as requested) for Sunday mornings and other special worship services. The drivers are scheduled on a rotating basis.

The Youth Ministry of Messiah Baptist Church is dedicated to spiritually feeding and developing not only the youth of the Church, but also the youth of the community. Through teaching, fellowship, and service, the Youth Ministry strives to develop bold and committed young people. The ministry believes that the fruit of its labor will be youth who live a life for Christ by loving those around them; being a light of hope to all who meet them; and improving relationships with their family, friends, community, and world by living out their faith.

The Young Adult Ministry of Messiah Baptist Church is dedicated to spiritually nurturing and encouraging our young adults as they strive to live Christian lives. Through Bible study, worship, fellowship, service, and support, the Young Adult Ministry strives to develop committed believers that will become examples of Christ in their endeavors. The ministry also serves to provide a needed support system to help young adults through some of the difficult obstacles that they encounter in life. The ministry believes that adults who embody Christ in their everyday lives will improve their world and the community around them.